How to Test Sensors on Android Phones

Author xlxmarketing 27.10.2011. | 15:50

By Shirley Shi

In addition to Android phone’s cool powerful functionalities and their beautiful physical designs, you may also want to know more about their sensors which technically take the control over the gaming operation, touchscreen, and even phone calling of the phone. And basically these sensors are: Proximity sensor, Orientation sensor, Magnetic field sensor, Accelerometer sensor, and Light sensor.

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Proximity sensor: Once this sensor on your Android phone is activated, the nearby objects can be detected. A simple way to test this sensor is by making a phone call; when you put the phone to your ear, the screen should automatically turn itself off so as to prevent your cheek of mistakenly touching the buttons on the screen. Once the phone is moved away from your face, the light will turn back on.

Orientation sensor: It’s basically the one that gives the phone a sense of direction; play with the Android phone vertically, horizontally or whatever position that makes you feel comfortable; the screen will be adjusted as to the way you hold the phone.

Magnetic field sensor: Magnetic field sensor can measure the magnetic field strength. The Earth produces its own magnetic field, which is important in navigation since the north pole of a compass point toward the North Magnetic Pole of Earth. Using the magnetic field sensor just downloads a compass application from the market and you will always have a compass in your pocket. The magnetic field sensor also detects ferromagnetic objects and electronic devices, so you can turn your phone into a metal detector.

Accelerometer sensor: Accelerometer measures the acceleration of the device in different directions. Actually it detects the movement. There are many apps available which uses the advantage of the accelerometer. Shake your mobile phone to change wallpaper, play next song or turn on flashlight.

Light sensor: The light sensor works by detecting the brightness of the environment. Depending on the operating system features it may change the screen brightness accordingly. Some special apps also use the light sensor to control functions.

In the end, with the new sensor technology expansion, getting to know more will definitely allow you test these sensors at the first sight to check if they can really work as they should.

Author xlxmarketing 27.10.2011. | 15:50
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