May 19th 2010

LED Flashlights Take Torches To Next Level

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development of the flashlight copy

We all know what a flashlight or a torch is.

Invented in 1899 the flashlight has changed very little up until the 1990s, with the biggest development being in the casing construction and price. Flashlights have been one of the core supply items of gas/petrol stations and discount stores, with as just as much performance and durability as you would expect from such an item.

cheap flashlights copy

But then with the development of LED flashlights and HID flashlights that all changed.

High Intensity Discharge and LED flashlights, like Chinavasion’s cutting edge FlashMAX line are far more durable than traditional incandescent flashlights, have a lifespan of decades not years and put out six times more light than incandescent lights with CREE LED flashlights putting out an incredible 200 lumens of light.

But with great performance come a higher cost.

While there are LED flashlights out there with discount store or gas station impulse buy prices the majority of the ones that you will be able to use for decades after you’ve purchased them cost similar prices to what you’d put down for a discount cell phone.

In fact the only difference between a cell phone and a flash light is the amount of accessories you get with each:

cell phone vs standard flashlight copy

That is until Chinavasion introduced its new FlashMAX range and gave customers everything they needed to get going.

cell phone vs flashmax flashlight copy

The sourcing team at Chinvasion felt that, if you the customer were paying as much as a cell phone for a flash light, then you should get a few more things as well.

As a result they made sure that, with the more powerful models of CREE LED flashlight came with rechargable batteries and a recharger. All for less the price then you’d expect to see anywhere else.

So check out our fantastic range of LED flashlights and find out why we are very quickly becoming the favorite online store for security professionals, hunters, adventurers and anybody who has to venture into very dark places for great lengths of time.

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  1. Posted by Carlos Robert 20th May, 2010 at 12:01 am

    Ola, Boa Tarde! tem como vcs me passarem os preços em R$?

  2. Posted by Gareth 20th May, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    Olá Carlos,
    Estamos felizes de saber que você tem interesse na série FlashMAX. Eles podem ser encontrados na categoria LED flashlights. Os preços variam de R$ 4,20 até R$ 83,84 não considerando o shipping.

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