December 14th 2012

360buy Invested More than 3.6 billion Yuan in Logistics in 2012

China Business News |

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360buy, a Chinese ecommerce website stated that all of their warehouses combined, now cover more than 1 million square meters of storage space. With some warehouses still in the building faze, the company has already invested more than 3.6 billion Yuan (580 million U.S. dollars) in logistics this year.

360buy logistics

It’s said that 360buy started building a logistic system of their own in 2007 and until now, they have set up 25 warehouses which can hold more than 1.2 million orders. Also, it has set up more than 850 distribution stations and 300 pick-up centers in 360 cities throughout China.

Recently, 360 buy officially announced that they can serve their partners with the self-built logistics. With operating more than 100,000 orders per day, this company will somehow affect the logistic industry in China.

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