November 13th 2012

Firefox OS Test Drive

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Want to play with Mozilla’s pure-web, open source Firefox OS? You could always flash it to a Galaxy Nexus or a Raspberry Pi, but what if you don’t have an experimental handset or dev board handy? Just launch Firefox and go all Xzibit on it: run Mozilla’s browser-powered operating system inside your browser. You can even try out its browser while you’re at it.

Mozilla’s development crew has released a new emulator that you can install like any other Firefox extension. It’s packaged as a .XPI, and there are dedicated versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems available for download.

You won’t get a full sense of how Firefox OS feels on a phone by playing with R2D2B2G, but it’s a hassle-free way to get a quick look at Mozilla’s take on a modern mobile operating system.

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