September 21st 2012

Video: Android 4.1 9.7 inch Tablet PC “Diablo” with Dual Core 1.6GHz and 8000mAh Battery [CVUZ-9410]

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New in the Android Tablets category, the “Diablo” featuring the first Android 4.1 OS from China, 9.7 inch, HD display, dual core 1.6GHz, 16GB flash memory, 8000mAh battery, Bluetooth… Check below to watch the product video!


Adopting the world’s most leading LCD technology – IPS screen of 4:3, the wide viewing area of this Android 4.1 tablet PC is more than 2 times the normal 7-inch 16:10 ones! With the screen resolution up to 1024 × 768, “Diablo” will amaze you with the excellent visual experiences: browsing pictures, watching movies, shopping online, playing games etc. What’s more, the 8000mAh battery keeps you playing and browsing much longer than you expected! Going on the business trip? It’s definitely the best choice to buy!

Interested in finding out more about this product? Post your comments below, or on the video on Youtube. All questions and suggestions are welcome!

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